Ken Dulaney

Bio: Husband, dad, and friend. I love God, my family, my country, the South, and the U.S.A. Ireland is on the top of my list of great places to visit, especially Kilkenny, Kilarney, Galway and the southern coast. My hope is to make a few people smile by sharing some true stories of the funnier parts of my life. Feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts. I hope you find the stories on this page uplifting. I don't mind if you laugh at me, especially if it helps you to take life a little less seriously, something I need to work on myself. If you will, please take the time to "Follow" Biskittales and if you have a Facebook account, please "Like" Biskittales. Feel free to tell me what you think of the stories. May God bless and keep you in all that you do. Ken

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